AUS-10 composite steel Forging knife Cleaver Chef knives


Please check the instructions carefully before buying 1: According to the purchased knife type, give a solid wood scabbard Product performance introduction 1: This product uses Japanese AUS-10 composite steel. The steel with excellent performance can guarantee the hardness, toughness, sharpness and durability of the kitchen knife. 2: When the blade angle is 15 °, a sharp kitchen knife needs to be used to process fine kitchen ingredients. High sharp kitchen knives will not destroy the fleshy fibers of the ingredients nor the taste of the ingredients. It does not crush whole tomatoes. The danger of a blunt knife far exceeds that of a sharp knife. 3: The hardness of the kitchen knife steel core is HRC60 ± 2. High-quality steel can ensure the stability of product hardness and improve durability. 4: The product is forged from 3.5mm thick steel. After many forgings, the blade body gradually became thinner, shrinking from 2.2mm to 1.7mm, which can both achieve sharpness and reduce the weight of the blade. 5: SGS Swiss authoritative testing agency tested the product, the metal content reached the standard, the carbon content was 1.01%, the chromium content was 14.9%, the molybdenum content was 0.90%, and the vanadium content was 0.28%. Good steel is the foundation of a good knife 6: The product has been tested to meet the razor standard below 100N, and the average sharpness of the kitchen knife test is 210N. Special processing can produce mirror edges and high-definition kitchen knives. 7: Forged knives accentuate the beautiful wavy lines of the blades, with gorgeous burned blade lines as Japanese Seiko