Damascus Sharp Kitchen Knife Household Slicing Knife Chinese Chef's Knife


Product Name: Yaoying# Chef's Knife

Blade Material: 10Cr1 5CoMov

Handle material: resin + shadow wood

Blade thickness: 2.2mm

Reminder: All dimensions are measured by hand, the error within 1~2MM is within the normal range, please refer to the actual product. Due to different production batches and the characteristics of the forging process, the blade pattern will be slightly different

Optional handle color (red blue)

Handle design

Generous and stylish hexagonal prism design, comfortable grip and flexible use

Cut out refreshment

Sharp edge

Using 10Cr15CoMov steel core, the hardness is stable at 60+2HRC

Excellent blade performance, long lasting sharpness

Due to manual polishing, the texture of each handle is different. Parents who are interested, please buy carefully! Please refer to the actual product you receive.