XITUO Damascus Chef Knife Professional Japan Sankotu Cleaver Boning Gyuto Kitchen Knife Cooking Tool Exquisite Plum Rivet Handle


Product Description
XITUO Damascus Steel Chef Knife
67-layer Japanese Damascus super steel with a finely polished surface. Corrosion resistant and tough. The curved edges are clear, more durable and sharper. It can be stabilized at 60 ± 2 HRC, vacuum heat treated hardness and long-lasting clarity.
Ergonomically designed handle
The handle design creates a comfortable grip and provides the best cutting level. The blue wooden handle is decorated with luxurious plum nails to make the handle stronger and not fall off. The handle is heavy and the cutting is comfortable, and the handle fits the palm of the hand. Ergonomically designed.

Excellent perfect blade
Exquisite Damascus pattern. Fishbone texture extruded from 67 layers of steel. very beautiful. The blade is very strong and stable. Sharp edges can be used for years. With excellent sharpness, you can easily cut meat and vegetables into thin ones.

8-inch chef knife - modern chef knife, is a versatile tool that can perform many different kitchen tasks
6.5-inch santoku knife - refers to a variety of cutting tasks with good tool performance: slicing, chopping and cutting
5.5-inch boning knife - used for slaughter cutting bones and bones, cutting cartilage, short blades, hard texture, also used for cutting meat.
3.5-inch paring knife - This is a straight-edge multi-function knife that has many uses. Due to its size, the paring knife is a good tool for any food that requires attention to detail.